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Your fault mercedes ron pdf download: Embark on a Rollercoaster of Emotion: Your Fault by Mercedes Ron. Fast-paced and ablaze with the intensity of a forbidden enemies-to-lovers romance, “Your Fault” emerges as the second captivating installment in Mercedes Ron’s Culpable trilogy.  

This heart-pounding YA series intricately weaves the strands of love, trauma, and secrets into a narrative tailor-made for aficionados of “Ugly Love” and “After.”  

Your fault mercedes ron pdf download

Noah and Nick, a tempestuous union of fire and electricity, send sparks flying in every direction when they’re together.  

Last summer, Noah believed their passion had conquered fear, but as she steps into the whirlwind of university life, challenges arise—age differences, campus complexities, dangerous parties, and inner demons that linger in the shadows. 

Moving once again, Noah faces the daunting task of sustaining her relationship with Nick amid the turbulent seas of university life.  

Their journey is fraught with uncertainties, pushing them to confront the unexplored territories of their connection and discover facets of each other they never knew existed. 

Despite their best efforts, some wounds refuse to heal. Can Noah find the strength to overcome her fears and rebuild trust?  

Will Nick bury the ghosts of his past and keep his heart open? Or are they destined to be the architects of each other’s downfall?  

Perfect for Those Who Seek:   

  • Gripping contemporary teen romance narratives 
  • Unputdownable and bingeworthy novels 
  • Literary sensations born from the realms of TikTok 
  • A fusion of “After” with the charm of “The Kissing Booth” 
  • Admirers of Colleen Hoover’s spellbinding storytelling 
  • Forbidden romance that ignites the senses 
  • Dual POVs unraveling an enthralling enemies-to-lovers saga 

Are You Ready to Immerse Yourself in the Flames of Passion and Danger?

About your fault mercedes ron read online free 

Book NameYour Fault
Author Mercedes Ron
Release dateDecember 5, 2023
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