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Two twisted crowns pdf: Rachel Gilling is back again to mesmerize readers on a hauntingly captivating journey through her dark fantasy realm in the most anticipated sequel “Two Twisted Crowns”. As the second installment of “The Shepherd King” series. This book promises to be a spellbinding follow up to its prequel “One Dark Window”.

With its intriguing mix of fantasy, horror, romance and gothic elements. “Two Twisted Crowns” is sure to enthrall fans of Hannah Whitten’s “For the Wolf” and Alexis Henderson’s “The Year of the Witching”.

Two twisted crowns pdf

The story continues to follow Elspeth and Ravyn as they fight against the weight of their actions and confront the dire consequences of dark magic that have befallen their kingdom. They have gathered most of the twelve Providence Cards, the last and most critical one, the Tin Alders still eludes them.

The kingdom’s fate hangs in the balance, and the only hope of salvation lies in their ability to find this elusive card before the impending Solstice. In their quest to save the kingdom, the duo must brace the perils of a mist-cloaked forest shrouded in danger and treacherous secrets.

However, this dark and mysterious territory is not something that can be navigated by the ordinary. It requires the guidance of the enigmatic Nightmare, a malevolent presence residing within Elspeth’s own mind.

The complexities of Elspeth’s internal struggles add a unique dimension to the narrative. As she fights with the monster within, readers will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster, witnessing her inner turmoil and the tension that arises between her and the Nightmare, who is far from willing to cooperate.

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Gillig’s narrative prowess shines through as she expertly weaves a tale of suspense and intrigue, keeping readers at the edge of their seats throughout.

Her world-building skills bring to life a kingdom gripped by the tyranny of a malevolent king and gets involved in the clutches of dark magic.

The vivid tale of the mist-cloaked forest evokes an eerie and haunting atmosphere, immersing readers in a realm where danger lurks around every corner. 

“Two Twisted Crowns” is not only a dark fantasy epic but also a tale of love and sacrifice. The bond between Elspeth and Ravyn is put to the ultimate test as they face numerous odds, their commitment to each other shines brightly amidst the surrounding darkness.

As fans eagerly await the October 2023 release, one can only imagine the stunning conclusion that awaits within the pages of “Two Twisted Crown”.  

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Book NameTwo Twisted Crowns
AuthorRachel Gillig
Release dateOctober 17, 2023
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