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Twisted obsession s massery pdf: My name is Melody Cameron, or so I’ve been told. When I wake up in the hospital with no memories, I’m shipped off to Denver to live with a distant cousin who knows nothing about me. If my family can’t help me remember my past, who will?   

I don’t expect it to be a gorgeous hockey player ten years younger than me. He knows things about me he has no right to know. Yet, he keeps secrets. He makes me work for every answer while he unlocks my desire—and fear. 

Twisted obsession s massery pdf  

Still, I’m blind, naive. And when his twisted obsession becomes apparent, it’s too late. For both of us.  

Caught in a web of mystery, desire, and danger, I must navigate the treacherous path of my forgotten past, relying on the enigmatic young hockey player for answers that may shatter everything I thought I knew about myself.

In this labyrinth of secrets and deception, the line between trust and betrayal blurs, leaving us both vulnerable to the dark truth lurking in the shadows.

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Book NameTwisted Obsession: A Dark Hockey Romance
Author S. Massery
Release dateOctober 25, 2023
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