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The long game elena armas read online: Elena Armas, a spanish author who has passion for all romantic things and a strong book collector, once again ready to capture the hearts of readers with her latest novel “The Long Game”.

Following the incredible success of her International bestseller, “The Spanish Love Deception” and instant hit “The American Roommate Experiment”, Elena’s newest work promises to be an unforgettable rollercoaster into the world of love, redemption and soccer.

The long game elena armas read online

In “The Long Game”, Elena transports readers to the charming setting of North Carolina, where we meet Adalyn Reyes, a soccer enthusiast with dreams of making a mark in the Miami Flames FC. However, life doesn’t go as planned and fate has its own role where a simple action can have a big change in the course of events.

Her life takes an unexpected turn when a viral video of  her altercation with the team’s mascot goes public. Instead of facing dismissal, Adalyn’s father, who owns the team, sends her to North Carolina with a unique mission that is to coach the struggling local children’s soccer team, the Green Warriors. 

As she arrives in the new town, she meets with a group of nine year old soccer players who have their own quirks and unconventional way of doing things. From wearing tutus during practice to keeping pet goats, this spirited bunch of kids brings both challenges and amusement to Adalyn’s journey of redemption.

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To make things worse and plot interesting we have yet another character enters the scene – Cameron Caldani, a retired soccer star with a mysterious presence in the local town.

A goalkeeping prodigy, Cam has a less than pleasant first encounter with Adalyn and their initial clash sets the stage for a heartfelt romance that blossoms amidst the soccer field and the beautiful North Carolina landscape.

The novel’s charm lies not only in its delightful romantic elements but also in the captivating theme of sports. Elena seamlessly weaves together the excitement of soccer and the ups and downs of coaching mischievous children’s teams, creating a heartwarming tale that leaves readers rooting for the Green Warriors and their journey towards becoming a formidable team.

So, pre-order a copy of “The Long Game” and immerse yourself in Elena’s world of captivating romance, heartwarming friendships and the beautiful game of soccer. Whether you’re a fan of contemporary romance, sports stories or simply looking for a delightful escape, “The Long Game” is sure to leave you with a warm heart and a smile on your face just like this article has done.     

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Book NameThe Long Game: A Novel
Author Elena Armas
Release dateSeptember 5, 2023
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