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The graham effect elle kennedy pdf download: Gigi Graham is a woman with three ambitious goals: qualify for the women’s national hockey team, win Olympic gold, and step out of her famous father’s shadow.  

So far, things are on track, with just two minor hurdles to overcome. Well, maybe not so minor—one’s a little thing, and the other is a big, grumpy thing. She needs to up her game behind the net, and she’s come to the realization that she needs help from none other than Luke Ryder. 

The graham effect elle kennedy pdf download 

Now, Ryder stands at a towering six-foot five, is built like a fortress, and has a personality that can best be described as opinionated, rude, and undeniably sexy. But here’s the catch: he’s the enemy.  

Briar’s new hockey co-captain is no stranger to controversy, and he’s got his reasons. The men’s team recently merged with a rival program, leaving Ryder with a roster of players who can’t stand the sight of each other.  

To make matters worse, the summer coaching opportunity he was angling for with the legendary Garrett Graham has slipped through his fingers after a disastrous first impression.  

So, in Ryder’s mind, partnering with Gigi is a win-win. He helps her make the national team, and she puts in a good word with her dad.   

The only potential hiccup in this plan? The intense, chemistry that they’re both trying their best to ignore. It’s a dangerous game they’re playing, but the potential rewards just might make it all worthwhile.

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Book NameThe Graham Effect
Author Elle Kennedy
Release dateOctober 31, 2023
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