Romney A Reckoning PDF

Romney a reckoning pdf: Prepare to dive deep into the life and political journey of one of America’s most enigmatic figures, Mitt Romney.  

This revealing biography, written with Romney’s full cooperation by an acclaimed writer at The Atlantic, brings to light the complex and compelling story of a man who has consistently stood out in the tumultuous world of American politics. 

Romney a reckoning pdf

Mitt Romney’s path through the political landscape has been marked by remarkable decisions and few words.  

As an outspoken dissenter within the GOP, he’s been unafraid to challenge the forces he believes are reshaping the party he once led.  

His historic vote to remove a president from his own party and his thundering speech from the Senate floor during the Capitol unrest were moments of public courage that captured the nation’s attention.  

However, much of what transpired behind the scenes over his three decades in politics has remained shrouded in mystery.  

In this biography, Romney opens about his experiences in the GOP, private meetings with Donald Trump and other political heavyweights, and dealings with a wide array of influential figures.  

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Drawing on numerous interviews with Romney, his family, and inner circle, along with extensive access to his personal journals and private emails, award-winning journalist McKay Coppins paints a vivid portrait of a public servant wrestling with the choices he’s made throughout his career.  

The book delves into Romney’s early life, his rise within a rapidly changing Republican Party, and highlights the series of seemingly minor compromises made by political leaders that have collectively contributed to the current state of democracy.  

“Romney: A Reckoning” is ultimately a redemptive tale of a flawed politician who, when the country grappled with fear and division, summoned his moral courage. It’s a must-read for those intrigued by the inner workings of American politics and the enigmatic persona of Mitt Romney. 

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Book NameRomney: A Reckoning
AuthorMcKay Coppins
Release dateOctober 24, 2023
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