King of Sloth Ana Huang PDF

king of sloth ana huang pdf

King of sloth ana huang pdf: Dive into the pages of “Unexpected Charms” by Ana Huang. He’d never wanted anyone enough to chase them…until he met her.   Charming, easygoing, and rich beyond belief, Xavier Castillo has the world at his fingertips.   King of sloth ana huang pdf But despite his wealth and status, he’s … Read more

The Secret Fiance by Catharina Maura PDF

the secret fiance by catharina maura pdf

The secret fiance by catharina maura pdf: Prepare to be swept away in another captivating romance from the talented author behind “The Wrong Bride” and “The Temporary Wife”!   In this steamy and emotionally charged billionaire arranged marriage tale, meet Lex Windsor, a man on a mission to find the woman he’s been desperately seeking.   The … Read more

Our Fault by Mercedes Ron PDF

our fault by mercedes ron pdf

Our fault by mercedes ron pdf: Embark on an Unforgettable Journey with a Viral Sensation!   Dive into the heart-pounding conclusion of Mercedes Ron’s Culpable trilogy, a sensation on BookTok and Wattpad! In “Our Fault,” the thrilling climax of this YA series, love, trauma, and secrets collide in a whirlwind of emotion.  Our fault by … Read more

Fangirl Down Tessa Bailey PDF

fangirl down tessa bailey pdf

Fangirl down tessa bailey pdf: Get Ready to Fall in Love on the Green!     #1 New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey ignites the pages with her sizzling new sports romance series! In this rom-com masterpiece, meet Wells Whitaker, the bad boy of golf who’s hit rock bottom. But amidst his downfall, there’s one … Read more

Fire and Frenzy Emma Slate PDF

fire and frenzy emma slate pdf

Fire and frenzy emma slate pdf: In the realm of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” discovering your fiancé’s affair becomes an infuriating spark.  But two can play that game…   Before I realize it, I find solace in a biker’s embrace, receiving the adoration I truly deserve. When Smoke’s touch graces me, desire courses through my … Read more

God of Fury Rina Kent PDF

god of fury rina kent pdf 

God of fury rina kent pdf: Unleash the intensity with the latest heart-pounding MM college romance from USA Today best-selling author Rina Kent!  When boundaries blur and unexpected desires ignite, prepare yourself for the explosive collision of two worlds in “God of Fury.”    Meet Nikolai Sokolov, a mafia heir shrouded in notoriety, a notorious bastard, and … Read more

Your Fault Mercedes Ron PDF Download

your fault mercedes ron pdf download

Your fault mercedes ron pdf download: Embark on a Rollercoaster of Emotion: Your Fault by Mercedes Ron. Fast-paced and ablaze with the intensity of a forbidden enemies-to-lovers romance, “Your Fault” emerges as the second captivating installment in Mercedes Ron’s Culpable trilogy.   This heart-pounding YA series intricately weaves the strands of love, trauma, and secrets into … Read more

Ghoul As A Cucumber PDF

ghoul as a cucumber pdf 

Ghoul as a cucumber pdf: Unveiling the Spooky Rom-Com of the Afterlife!    Join me, Bree Mortimer, on a supernatural rollercoaster where I’ve found myself entangled with not one, not two, but three hot AF ghosts haunting my manor!   Ghoul as a cucumber pdf Choices, Choices!  a. Run away screaming? Nah.  b. Call a priest … Read more

A Demon’s Guide to Wooing A Witch PDF

a demon's guide to wooing a witch pdf 

A demon’s guide to wooing a witch pdf: In the mystical town of Glimmer Falls, Calladia Cunnington’s life takes a spellbinding turn when she saves a mysterious man from a demon attack. Little does she know, the amnesiac stranger is none other than Astaroth, the ruthless demon who orchestrated a soul bargain involving her best friend.   … Read more

Do Your Worst Rosie Danan PDF

do your worst rosie danan pdf

Do your worst rosie danan pdf: Unleash the Sparks in the Shadows! A Sizzling Tale of Love and Redemption by Rosie Danan. Get ready for a scorching romance where sparks fly, and passion ignites when an occult expert and a disgraced archaeologist find themselves entangled in a web of enemies-with-benefits.    Riley Rhodes, armed with her family’s … Read more