R Gupta NCC Handbook PDF

R gupta ncc handbook pdf: R. Gupta’s NCC Book is an exceptional publication that aims to benefit all cadets of the National Cadet Corps (NCC). Its primary focus is to provide comprehensive training and preparation for the ‘A’,’B’ and ‘C’ certificate examinations, cornering various aspects of NCC training in an easy to understand manner.

The book contains the latest study material, including solved model test papers and has been prepared under the guidance of experts in the field. This book explores the significance of NCC, highlighting its role in shaping young school and college students into accomplished NCC cadets.

R gupta ncc handbook pdf

The R. Gupta’s NCC Book is a treasure trove of information for those aspiring to become part of the esteemed National Cadet Corps. With its new edition, the book ensures that the content is current and relevant, meeting the requirements of NCC certificate examinations.

It offers a comprehensive approach, covering a wide range of topics related to NCC training and exams, both common and specialized. One of the standout features of this book is the inclusion of solved model test papers. These papers not only familiarize cadets with the examination pattern but also serve as valuable practice material.

By attempting these papers, cadets can gain confidence and fine tune their exam preparation. R. Gupta’s NCC Book covers all essential aspects of NCC training and exams.

NCC handbook r.k. gupta pdf download

Some of the prominent subjects addressed in the book include:

  1. NCC-At a Glance: This section provides an overview of the NCC and its mission, helping readers understand the significance and purpose of the organization. 
  2. Drill & Commands: Cadets learn vital drill movements and commands, which  instill discipline and foster teamwork.
  3. Weapon Training: Detailed guidance on handling weapons safely and effectively equips cadets with essential skills. 
  4. Map Reading: An indispensable skill for navigation, map reading ensures that cadets can find their way through unfamiliar terrain with ease.
  5. Field Craft & Battle Craft: This section imparts techniques and strategies essential for excelling in field and battle scenarios, enhancing tactical abilities. 
  6. Obstacles Training & Adventure Activities: Encouraging cadets to step out of their comfort zones, this segment focuses on physical and mental challenges.
  7. National Integration: Promoting unity in diversity, this topic emphasizes the importance of national integration. 
  8. Civil Defence & Health & Hygiene: Cadets are prepared to respond during emergencies and importance of good health and hygiene. 
  9. Self Defense: Empowering cadets with self-defense techniques to ensure their safety. 
  10. Environment & Ecology: Encouraging a sense of responsibility toward the environment and sustainable practices. 

The book also contains separate units on A Career in Defence Services, Leadership & Personality Development, Services Tests & Interviews, General Awareness and the History of India, providing valuable insights into various career paths, personal growth and essential knowledge about the country’s history.

With its active guidance and supervision of experts in the field, this book stands as a valuable tool in transforming young school and college students into disciplined, responsible and dedicated NCC cadets.       

About r gupta ncc book pdf free download

Book NameNCC: Handbook of NCC Cadets for ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ Certificate Examinations
Author R.K. Gupta
PublicationRamesh Publishing House


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