Pucking Wild by Emily Rath PDF

Pucking wild by emily rath pdf: “Pucking Wild: A Reverse Age Gap Hockey Romance” is the title of the book and the key feature of the story you provided. This title encapsulates the central themes and elements of the novel: 

It is a sizzling reverse age gap hockey romance that defies conventions, showcasing positive representations of both plus-size individuals and bisexuality. This captivating tale takes its place as Book Two in the acclaimed Jacksonville Rays Hockey series, which takes off with Rachel’s narrative in the tantalizing prequel novella, THAT ONE NIGHT.  

Pucking wild by emily rath pdf

Pucking Wild: This play on words cleverly combines “puck,” a term associated with hockey, with “wild,” hinting at the untamed and passionate nature of romance.

The word “pucking” also adds a touch of playfulness and humor, setting the tone for the story.  

Some key information about the pucking wild pdf 

  • Reverse Age Gap: This phrase indicates a significant age difference between the two main characters, Tess and Ryan. It suggests a unique dynamic and adds an element of intrigue to the romance.   
  • Hockey Romance: The inclusion of “hockey romance” emphasizes the sports aspect of the story, letting readers know that the world of hockey is a central backdrop to the romantic plot.   
  • Together, the title “Pucking Wild: A Reverse Age Gap Hockey Romance” succinctly captures the essence of the novel, intriguing potential readers and giving them a glimpse into the exciting and passionate journey that awaits within the pages of the book. 

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Book Namepucking wild pdf download
AuthorEmily Rath
Release dateAugust 21, 2023
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