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None of this is true lisa jewell pdf: Lisa Jewell’s “None of This is True” is a suspenseful psychological thriller that draws readers in with its intriguing story, interesting characters and surprising revelations. Jewell’s masterful storytelling keeps the readers at the edge of the seat from the start to the end.

Lisa Jewell is the New York Times bestselling author who has garnered a dedicated following of readers worldwide. Her captivating storytelling and ability to create compelling narratives have resonated with readers from diverse backgrounds. Jewell’s work has been translated into twenty nine languages further expanding her global reach and appeal.

None of this is true lisa jewell pdf

Let us explore what Lisa Jewell has stored for us in this upcoming novel.

Story begins with Alix Summer, a popular podcaster celebrating her 45th birthday in a local pub meeting Josie Fair, a humble woman who happens to share her 45th birthday on the same day. A few days later, they run into each other again outside Alix’s children’s school.

Josie has been listening to Alix’s podcasts and suggests that Alix would be an interesting subject for her own series. Josie’s life seems unusual and complicated and Alix can’t resist the temptation to continue making the podcast.

As Alix delves deeper into Josie’s story she uncovers the true extent of Josie’s malevolence and the terrifying legacy she leaves behind. Tension adds up as Josie becomes increasingly entangled in Alix’s life, creating an atmosphere of unease and suspense. 

Jewell crafts a cast of characters who are flawed and relatable. Alex questions her choices and confronts challenges within her marriage, while Josie with her traumatic past, remains an enigmatic and unsettling figure. The dynamic between these two women intensifies adding layers of suspense and thrill.

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Jewell’s expert storytelling keeps the suspense alive with well-paced twists and turns. Red flags and foreboding signs hint at the dark revelations to come, leaving readers unsure of whom to trust. The story takes readers on an exhilarating rollercoaster ride of shocking events and unexpected twists.

“None of This is True” tackles themes of abuse, neglect, trauma and the consequences of past action. Jewell prompts readers to grapple with the complexities of human nature and confront uncomfortable truths that lie beneath the surface.

“None of This is True” by Lisa Jewell is a must read psychological thriller that captivates from start to finish. With its engrossing plot, well-drawn characters, and expertly crafted suspense, Jewell proves once again why she is a master of the genre. This thought provoking novel pushes the boundaries of psychological suspense, leaving readers craving more.

The characters in this novel are quite interesting and make readers want more. Josie’s true nature is kept a secret for most part of the story, if one wishes to know the truth about Josie he must read this book.     

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Book NameNone of This Is True: A Novel
AuthorLisa Jewell
Release dateAugust 8, 2023
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