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Look out for the little guy pdf free download: Get ready, Marvel fans! The much anticipated book “Look Out For The Little Guy” by Scott Lang, famously known as Ant-Man, is all set to hit bookshelves this September 2023. The book is based on the life of the ex-con turned world-saving SuperHero and promises to take readers on an unforgettable journey through Scott Lang’s extraordinary and harkworking life. 

“Look Out For The Little Guy” offers a candid and honest account of Scott Lang’s life, encompassing his battles in life and victories that are hard won.

Look out for the little guy pdf free download

From his challenging days as an ex-convict and a divorced father to the awe inspiring moments of becoming Ant-Man and joining The Avengers, this book sheds light on the man behind the hero. Scott Lang, in his debut, brings to light the epic battles he fought as Ant-Man, revealing never before known facts about what truly transpired between The Avengers and the formidable Thanos.

He delves into the intriguing experience of shrinking down to ant-size and how it feels to be a superhero unlike any other. Moreover, readers will witness the challenges of maintaining a delicate balance between being a hero and a devoted dad.

As the first book from a real-life Avenger, “Look Out For The Little Guy” is not just a superhero tale but a remarkable journey of self discovery and growth. Scott Lang’s encounters, both big and small, have left him with profound wisdom and he generously shares these invaluable experiences with his readers.

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Scott Lang is no ordinary superhero. With a master’s degree in electrical engineering, he is not just a crime fighting Avenger but also a skilled scientist and inventor. His diverse background includes being an ice cream scooper, a corporate whistleblower and a consultant for The Pym Van Dyne Foundation.

Now he resides in San Francisco, continuing his erotic endeavors to safeguard the world. Even his fellow Avenger, Bruce Banner, admires Scott’s exceptional journey saying “Introduces the man behind the hero and hero I call friend”. Such praise from a respected colleague only adds to the anticipation surrounding the book’s release. 

“Look Out For The Little Guy” promises readers a glimpse into the life of a Superhero who has faced trials, heartaches and battles with courage and resilience. The book is a celebration of humanity, hope and the power of never understanding anyone, no matter their size.    

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