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It’s on me sara kuburic pdf: Prepare to embark on a revolutionary journey to reclaim your true Self, guided by existential psychotherapist Sara Kuburic, renowned USA Today columnist, and the beloved “Millennial Therapist” of Instagram.  

In a world where so many of us grapple with feelings of loneliness, unfulfillment, and entrapment—whether in our roles, relationships, or self-destructive patterns—Sara Kuburic offers a refreshing perspective: it doesn’t have to be this way.  

It’s on me sara kuburic pdf

The key lies in confronting ourselves, even if the reflection staring back at us doesn’t always, please us. It’s about taking full responsibility for the choices and actions that shape our reality.  

It’s about claiming ownership of the person we call our “Self.” It’s about answering the most fundamental questions: “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” and then aligning our lives accordingly.  

In her enlightening book, “It’s on Me,” Kuburic demystifies the concept of “self-loss,” providing us with a new vocabulary to comprehend this rarely discussed experience.  

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She shares the tools she has honed over years of helping clients recover from self-loss—a state where we no longer recognize ourselves in our actions, words, or relationships, where we feel detached from our true selves, and where the pain of simply observing life outweighs the joy of living it.  

Kuburic’s unique process of self-reflection, acceptance, and discovery empowers us to:  

  • Experience our emotions without being overwhelmed by them. 
  • Forge a healthy connection with our bodies. 
  • Establish loving boundaries to define ourselves and heal our relationships. 
  • Declutter our physical and mental spaces, creating room for our authentic Self to flourish. 
  • Find meaning and purpose in a world that may seem devoid of it. 

This revelatory journey, as Kuburic illustrates, awakens us from the slumber of life we don’t desire and propels us into the vibrant, genuine, and purposeful embrace of our true Self. In doing so, we cultivate a profound connection with our innermost being and with those who share our path. 

Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey of self-awareness? The keys to your most authentic, meaningful Self await. 

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Book NameIt’s On Me: Accept Hard Truths, Discover Your Self, and Change Your Life
Author Sara Kuburic
Release dateSeptember 19, 2023
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