Iron Flame by Rebecca Yarros PDF

Iron flame by rebecca yarros pdf: Everyone thought that Violet Sorrengail would die in her first year at Basgiath War College, and even Violet herself expected that. But the Threshing test was just the first incredibly difficult challenge meant to weed out those who aren’t strong-willed, worthy, or lucky enough.  

Now the real training starts, and Violet is already worried about how she’ll make it through. It’s not just that it’s tough and brutally harsh, or even that it’s designed to push the riders to endure pain beyond their limits.  

Iron flame by rebecca yarros pdf

The new assistant head of the college is the problem – he’s determined to show Violet just how powerless she is, unless she betrays the man she loves.  

Even though Violet’s body might be weaker and more delicate than others, she still has her smarts and an unwavering determination. And she hasn’t forgotten the most important lesson she learned at Basgiath: Dragon riders create their own rules.  

But this year, sheer determination to survive might not be enough. 

Because Violet knows the real ancient secret concealed for centuries at Basgiath War College – and nothing, not even the flames of a dragon, might be sufficient to save them all in the end. 

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Some key takeaways from iron flame pdf download: 

  • Limited First Print Edition: The book being offered for pre-order is a special edition with unique features, such as spray-painted edges and detailed map pages. It’s a limited offer available for a short time and until supplies last.   
  • Challenging Environment: The Basgiath War College is an extremely challenging and demanding place. Students face intense tests and training that are designed to weed out those who are not strong-willed, worthy, or lucky enough to survive. 
  • Resilience and Determination: The main character, Violet Sorrengail, is expected to die in her first year at the college, but she’s determined to survive. She has a strong will and an unwavering determination to overcome difficulties and challenges.   
  • Conflict and Betrayal: There is a sense of conflict and betrayal in the story. The new assistant head of the college aims to show Violet how powerless she is unless she betrays the man she loves. This adds a layer of tension and moral dilemma to the narrative.   

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  • Strength Beyond Physical: Despite Violet’s physical frailty, she possesses intelligence, resilience, and determination. These qualities give her an edge in the challenging environment.   
  • Leadership and Independence: The excerpt hints at the importance of leadership and independence. Violet learns that dragon riders make their own rules, suggesting the significance of individuality and self-reliance.   
  • Hidden Secret: There’s a mysterious secret hidden at the Basgiath War College, one that Violet is aware of. This secret has been kept for centuries and holds significant importance to the story’s plot.  
  • Uncertain Future: The passage suggests that survival and determination alone might not be enough to overcome the challenges ahead. There’s a sense of uncertainty and impending danger, even in the face of dragon fire. 

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Book Nameiron flame read online
Author Rebecca Yarros
Release dateNovember 7, 2023 
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