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Iris kelly doesn’t date pdf download: Exciting Book Alert: Get ready for a rollercoaster of romance and laughter in this new romantic comedy by Ashley Herring Blake! “The Real First Move”    

A fake relationship after a horrible one-night stand is anything but an act in this witty and heartfelt tale. Meet Iris Kelly, the romance cynic in a world where love reigns supreme. Her loved ones have found their soulmates, but she’s perfectly content with her commitment-free lifestyle, steering clear of dating and romance.

Iris kelly doesn’t date pdf download

Except, life has other plans in store for her. With an impending deadline for her second romance novel, Iris faces a daunting creative block.   

Determined to dodge her problems, Iris seeks refuge in a Portland bar, where she crosses paths with a sexy stranger named Stefania (or so she thought). What starts as a night of dancing and making out takes a wild turn, becoming the worst one-night stand of Iris’s life.   

But when she auditions for a local play – a queer reimagining of “Much Ado About Nothing” – Iris encounters Stefania again, whose real name turns out to be Stevie. In an effort to save face in front of her friends, Stevie proposes a daring plan: Iris should play along as her girlfriend. Iris, initially taken aback, agrees when she realizes this faux romance could supply her with much-needed material for her book. 

As they immerse themselves in the roles of a happily committed couple, lines blur, and sparks fly. Who will make the real first move in this hilarious and heartwarming romantic comedy?   

Get ready to dive into “The Real First Move” and witness a delightful tale of love, laughter, and a few unexpected twists! 

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Book NameIris Kelly Doesn’t Date
Author Ashley Herring Blake
Release dateOctober 24, 2023
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