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Inheritance nora roberts pdf: “Inheritance” inaugurates The Lost Bride Trilogy, penned by the esteemed author Nora Roberts, renowned for her #1 New York Times bestselling books. This novel unfurls a narrative of tragedies endured, loves discovered and forsaken, and a lineage plagued by specters spanning generations.  

In the year 1806, Astrid Poole dons her bridal attire, enveloped in pure elation. However, her impending marriage is tragically cut short as she is ruthlessly slain, her golden ring torn from her finger.  

Inheritance nora roberts pdf

Her final words weave a pledge to Collin, vowing to remain by his side even beyond death’s veil.  

Sonya MacTavish, a graphic designer, is flabbergasted by the revelation that her late father harbored an unknown twin. This newfound uncle, Collin Poole, bequeaths to her nearly all his possessions, among them a grand Victorian residence on the rugged shores of Maine.  

The will mandates that she reside there for a minimum of three years. Amidst the aftermath of a recent engagement’s dissolution, Sonya embarks on a quest to unravel the enigma behind the long-severed fraternal bond and the shrouded secrecy that veiled it until an ancestry website unearthed the truth.  

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Welcomed by Trey, a youthful attorney, at the sprawling clifftop manor, Sonya’s disquietude does not escape notice.  

Trey concedes, with a hint of understatement, that the mansion possesses a touch of haunting allure. Inevitably, Sonya encounters objects displaced without explanation and melodies emanating from the ether.  

A painting attributed to her father oddly adorns her late uncle’s office, while a portrait of a woman named Astrid garners Trey’s reference as “the first lost bride.”  

The inheritance goes beyond mere property; Sonya is now heir to an age-old curse, a riddle demanding resolution for any prospect of liberation. 

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Book NameInheritance: The Lost Bride Trilogy
Author Nora Roberts
Release dateNovember 21, 2023
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