How to Win At Chess Levy Rozman PDF

How to win at chess levy rozman pdf: Unlock the secrets of chess with the guidance of Levy Rozman, renowned International Master and YouTube’s celebrated chess mentor, famously known as GothamChess.  

Delve into the fascinating and entertaining world of chess with “How to Win at Chess,” a guide tailor-made for both beginners and intermediate players. This captivating guide, adorned with Levy Rozman’s trademark wit and insight, equips you with the essential knowledge to master the game.  

How to win at chess levy rozman pdf

Covering crucial moves and strategies, it empowers you to start strong and anticipate your opponents’ moves in advance.  

Structured with clarity, the book’s initial section addresses budding players (0-800 Elo rating) and introduces them to the four fundamental chess elements: openings, endings, tactics, and strategy.  

The latter section is designed to refine the skills of more seasoned players (800-1300 Elo rating), elevating their game to new heights.  

Packed with practical advice and presented in an accessible manner, “How to Win at Chess” boasts over 500 illustrative gameplay visuals that offer a clearer understanding of the board dynamics.  

Moreover, chapter specific QR codes grant you access to exclusive bonus content on Chessly, Levy Rozman’s dedicated teaching platform.  

Whether you’re embarking on chess for leisure or harboring aspirations of becoming a Grandmaster, “How to Win at Chess” stands as an engaging and interactive introduction to the captivating universe of chess. 

Key information about how to win at chess levy rozman book pdf:

  • “How to Win at Chess” Guide: The text revolves around the comprehensive guide titled “How to Win at Chess” authored by Levy Rozman (GothamChess). 
  • Audience: The guide is aimed at both beginner and intermediate players of chess. 
  • Comprehensive Learning: The guide covers essential aspects of chess, including openings, endings, tactics, and strategy. 
  • Engaging Style: Levy Rozman’s engaging charm and humor are highlighted as key features of the guide. 

About how to win at chess levy rozman free pdf 

Book NameHow to Win at Chess: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners and Beyond
Author Levy Rozman
Release dateOctober 24, 2023
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