Hindus in Hindu Rashtra by Anand Ranganathan PDF

Hindus in hindu rashtra by anand ranganathan pdf: Get ready to uncover the truth behind the prevalent narrative of India being a Hindu Rashtra with Anand Ranganathan’s insightful new book, “Hindus in Hindu Rashtra”.

In this thought-provoking work, Ranganathan takes aim at the myths and misconceptions surrounding the position of Hindus in modern India, providing a comprehensive analysis of the ground realities faced by this diverse and vibrant community. Ranganathan sets the stage by questioning the dominant portrayal of Hindus as a privileged majority.

Hindus in hindu rashtra by anand ranganathan pdf

With meticulous research and critical analysis, this book delves deep into the key aspects of Indian society, shining a light on the contradictions and discrimination that Hindus too often endure.

Prepare to confront the uncomfortable truth as Ranganathan exposes instances of attacks on Hindu religious processions and the denial of the right to practice one’s faith without fear. Furthermore, governmental policies that grant preferential rights to minorities will scrutinize the potential neglect that Hindus may face. 

One of the most pressing issues addressed in this book is the plight of Kashmiri Hindus, contrasting their situation with that of settled Rohingya Muslims. Ranganathan fearlessly explores the failures of the judicial system in delivering justice for Hindu victims of violence, rape, murder and ethnic cleansing, uncovering a deeply unsettling reality.

A topic often overlooked is the issue of state control over Hindu temples and its implications for religious autonomy. Ranganathan unveils the government’s usurpation of temple lands, resulting in devastating financial loss for these religious institutions. Religious discrimination against Hindus has found its way into the very fabric of society and it;s time to expose it.  

Hindus in hindu rashtra book pdf

Prepare to have your perceptions challenged as Ranganathan scrutinizes the glorification of historical figures responsible for Hindu genocides. This book takes a hard look at the asymmetrical reformative measures targeting Hindu practices, revealing an uncomfortable truth that has been conveniently brushed aside.

As the book approaches its conclusion, Ranganathan emphasizes the urgent need for Hindus to reclaim their rights and address historical injustices. Readers are invited to question the prevailing narrative and join the fight for a more just and equal society for all citizens of India, regardless of their religious background.

“Hindus in Hindu Rashtra” is a rallying cry for truth and justice. With meticulous research and an unwavering commitment to unveiling the realities faced by Hindus in India, Anand Ranganathan delivers a clarion call for change.

It’s time to challenge the prevailing narrative and strive for a more inclusive and equitable society. Pick up your copy today and join the movement to unmask the reality of “Hindus in Hindu Rashtra”.   

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Book NameHindus in Hindu Rashtra (Eighth-Class Citizens and Victims of State-Sanctioned Apartheid)
Author Anand Ranganathan
Release date15 August 2023

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