God of Fury Rina Kent PDF

God of fury rina kent pdf: Unleash the intensity with the latest heart-pounding MM college romance from USA Today best-selling author Rina Kent!  When boundaries blur and unexpected desires ignite, prepare yourself for the explosive collision of two worlds in “God of Fury.”   

Meet Nikolai Sokolov, a mafia heir shrouded in notoriety, a notorious bastard, and a violent monster. And then there’s our protagonist, a quiet artist and a golden boy, caught in the crossfire as the enemy’s twin brother. 

God of fury rina kent pdf

A chance encounter thrusts them together, with Nikolai setting his sights on the unsuspecting artist. Against all odds, he’s determined to break through steel-like control and push the limits. But little does our protagonist know that being noticed by Nikolai is just the beginning.  

In this standalone novel, Rina Kent weaves a tale of passion, danger, and unexpected connections. “God of Fury” is not just a romance; it’s a journey into a world where desire is a double-edged sword, and love can be a beautiful nightmare.  

Warning: “God of Fury” explores sensitive subjects that may be upsetting to some listeners. Make sure to check out the eBook sample for a comprehensive list of disclaimers.

While this book can be enjoyed on its own, diving into the world of Rina Kent’s storytelling with “God of Malice” is recommended for a richer experience. Are you ready to embrace the fury?

About god of fury rina kent free download 

Book NameGod of Fury: A Dark MM College Romance
Author Rina Kent
Release dateDecember 6, 2023
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