Ghoul As A Cucumber PDF

Ghoul as a cucumber pdf: Unveiling the Spooky Rom-Com of the Afterlife!   

Join me, Bree Mortimer, on a supernatural rollercoaster where I’ve found myself entangled with not one, not two, but three hot AF ghosts haunting my manor!  

Ghoul as a cucumber pdf

Choices, Choices! 

  • a. Run away screaming? Nah. 
  • b. Call a priest for an exorcism? Too mainstream. 
  • c. Get kooky and spooky with all three of them… together! That’s my jam!   

Yep, you heard it right—I’ve embraced my #GhostSlut status, and life has never been more thrilling. Now, armed with some unexpected resurrection magic, I’m contemplating bringing my ghostly trio back to the realm of the living.  

But, of course, it’s never that easy. The dark priests of the Order of the Noble Death are resurrecting serial killers to mess with my afterlife bliss. And as if that’s not enough, keeping my parents and my ex-bully in the dark about my ghostly powers is a challenge on its own.  

Ghoul as a cucumber steffanie holmes pdf 

Oh, and there’s this tiny issue of admitting my feelings. Wanting to jump their bones is a given, but saying those three little words? Spook city!   

Ghoul As a Cucumber: Another Spooky Adventure! 

Get ready for the next installment of my darkly humorous cozy fantasy series by the amazing Steffanie Holmes. Mystery, sarcasm, possessive ghostly men, and a whole lot of kooky, spooky lovin’—this book has it all!   

Quit ghouling around and start reading!

About ghoul as a cucumber epub 

Book NameGhoul as a Cucumber: A kooky, spooky cozy fantasy with spice
Author Steffanie Holmes
Release dateNovember 30, 2023
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