Fire and Frenzy Emma Slate PDF

Fire and frenzy emma slate pdf: In the realm of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” discovering your fiancé’s affair becomes an infuriating spark. 
But two can play that game…  

Before I realize it, I find solace in a biker’s embrace, receiving the adoration I truly deserve. When Smoke’s touch graces me, desire courses through my veins, erasing memories of the man who let me slip away.  

Fire and frenzy emma slate pdf

This passion with Smoke is unparalleled; with him, my cravings are insatiable.  

It was meant to be just one night…  

Yet, Smoke and I can’t resist each other. Soon, we’re entangled in clandestine affairs, our encounters marked by desperation and forbidden desire.  

This is everything you’re not supposed to do—don’t seek revenge, don’t entangle with the bad boy.  

And above all, never, ever fall in love with your best friend’s father.

About fire and frenzy emma slate epub 

Book NameFire & Frenzy
AuthorEmma Slate
Release dateDecember 31, 2023
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