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Do your worst rosie danan pdf: Unleash the Sparks in the Shadows! A Sizzling Tale of Love and Redemption by Rosie Danan. Get ready for a scorching romance where sparks fly, and passion ignites when an occult expert and a disgraced archaeologist find themselves entangled in a web of enemies-with-benefits.   

Riley Rhodes, armed with her family’s supernatural expertise, seizes the opportunity to turn her skills into a legitimate business. Her mission: to break the curse haunting an infamous Scottish castle.

Do your worst rosie danan pdf

Little did she know her path would collide with the brooding and disgraced archaeologist, Clark Edgeware.  

Amidst the misty landscapes and ancient stones, Riley and Clark’s first encounter are anything but ordinary. As they navigate the rocky terrain of their newfound partnership, sparks fly—literally and figuratively. Clark, haunted by a professional scandal, is determined to protect his last chance at redemption, even if it means butting heads with Riley.  

What ensues is a battle of wills, passion, and undeniable attraction. Riley expects the curse to work its mysterious ways, pushing Clark away. However, fate has other plans, forcing them into proximity again and again. Turns out, their chemistry extends beyond fiery debates; it’s a combustible mix of desire and frustration.  

In the shadow of the cursed castle, Riley and Clark dance on the edge of love and chaos. Will they succumb to the tantalizing allure of their enemies-with-benefits arrangement, or will the fiery passion they share lead to the ultimate undoing of more than just the ancient curse?  

Buckle up for a steamy, suspenseful ride through the mystical landscapes of love and redemption. Rosie Danan, hailed as the “go-to author” by The New York Times Book Review, weaves a tale where passion and danger collide, leaving you breathless and yearning for more.   

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Book NameAbove the Trenches
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Release dateNovember 14, 2023
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