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Devoted by luna mason pdf download: From the ashes of a tumultuous life, Luca Russo emerged as the unlikely king of the underworld. A reluctant heir to a dark legacy, he gave up everything to build his empire—power, loyalty, and his own heart.  

That all changed when he crossed a dangerous line by kidnapping the daughter of his sworn enemy, a fiery temptress named Rosa Falcone. She wasn’t just a pawn in the game; she was the key that unlocked the chains around his heart.  

Devoted by luna mason pdf download

Rosa Falcone, the rebellious mafia princess, concealed her pain behind a facade of extravagance and defiance. Her salvation came in the form of Luca Russo, the man who broke her free from her past.  

Their love story defied the odds, but life had different plans. When fate reunites them, Luca is faced with an impossible choice—his duty to the mafia in an arranged marriage or following his heart to reclaim the woman he can’t live without.  

For Rosa, the mask she wore was shattered once more, and this time, there was no savior in sight. Or so she thought, until Luca reappeared, igniting a love that could no longer be denied.  

Devoted by luna mason read online free

But in a world where danger lurks in every corner, where the odds are stacked against them, how much are they willing to sacrifice for a chance at their own happily ever after?  

Welcome to Book 3 of the electrifying Beneath the Mask series, where love and danger entwine, where secrets are unveiled, and where two souls fight against all odds for the love they’ve found.  

Note: The Beneath the Mask series is an interconnected collection of standalone books, each with its own captivating tale. ️ 

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Book Namedevoted luna mason read online free
Author Luna Mason
Release dateSeptember 30, 2023
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