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Crossed emily mcintire epub: In the enchanting world of fairy tales, the bestselling author Emily McIntire weaves her magic once again with “Crosse”, the fifth standalone installment in the most successful “Never After” series.

McIntire’s talents surfaces again as she takes readers on a dark and delicious journey, reimagining the timeless classic, “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, with McIntire flavor added and contemporary twists. With the elements of romance, fantasy and suspense, “Crossed” offers a gripping tale that explores the thin line between righteousness and sin. 

Crossed emily mcintire epub

The story starts with two captivating characters who navigate a treacherous path, their lives intertwined by fate. Father Cade Frederic, a man of unwavering devotion to the church, conceals a darkness that consumes him from within. Raised in the streets of Paris, Cade’s life takes an unexpected turn when he is assigned as the priest in the desolate town of Festivale, Vermont.

On the other hand, Amaya Paquette is a fascinating and beautiful woman who lives in Festivale. During the day, she takes care of her younger brother and at night, she becomes a mesmerizing performer named Esmeralda who captivates people with her graceful dancing.

However, Amaya carries emotional wounds from being abandoned in the past, which makes her afraid of letting people get close to her. She protects herself from potential heartbreak by keeping her guard up and not fully opening herself up to companionship. 

“Crossed” is an intense and modern love story that goes beyond the usual retellings. McIntire tells the tale in a way that blurs the boundaries between good and evil, where love emerges from hidden places.

Crossed emily mcintire read online

As readers dive into the story, they witness the changing relationship between Cade and Amaya, where strong emotions and vulnerability collide in a world where love can save or destroy. This is the latest installment in the “Never After” series that showcases McIntire’s talent for exploring mature themes and pushing boundaries.

With its dark ambiance, the book confronts issues of temptation, obsession and the struggle between righteousness and desire. It is essential for readers to exercise caution as the story contains explicit content that may not be suitable for all audiences.

With “Crossed”, Emily McIntire once again demonstrated her charm in delivering exciting tales of magic, love that resonates for a long time in readers heart. Through complex characters and a seductive narrative, she explores the depths of human passion and obsession, challenging our perceptions of romance and human mindset.     

About crossed book emily mcintire pdf

Book Name Crossed
Author Emily McIntire
Format PDF
Pages 416
Size mb 
Release date August 1, 2023
Language English
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