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Cleat cute meryl wilsner pdf: Love, Laughter, and Soccer Goals! Get Ready for “Cleat Cute” by Meryl Wilsner. Calling all fans of romantic comedies like “Ted Lasso” and sports classics like “A League of Their Own”! Brace yourselves for a sapphic rivals-to-lovers story that’s sure to kick your heartstrings into overdrive.  

In “Cleat Cute,” two soccer teammates are poised for an unforgettable journey as they gear up for the World Cup.  

Cleat cute meryl wilsner pdf

Meet Grace Henderson, a soccer sensation who’s been a shining star on the US Women’s National Team for an astonishing ten years, despite being just 26.  

But when an injury sidelines her, the bold and vivacious Phoebe Matthews, a 22-year-old dynamo, seizes her spot.  

Phoebe is everything Grace isn’t—she’s a spirited jokester who approaches the game with a joy that Grace had lost somewhere along the way.  

What Grace least expects is to discover herself in a “teammates with benefits” situation with this cheeky class clown she once regarded as her rival.  

Phoebe, on the other hand, is entirely engrossed in her debut season as a professional soccer player. She never imagined that she’d be trying to win over her long-time idol, Grace.  

Cleat cute a novel epub 

Yet, when Grace takes the plunge and makes the first move, their chemistry ignites, and they simply can’t keep their hands off each other.  

As the highly anticipated World Cup looms closer and Grace works her way back from her injury, a series of comical misunderstandings leads to some hilariously contrasting viewpoints about their relationship.  

But when they hit the field together, they realize that they can play as a team rather than competing for the same spot. With every tackle and every goal, the tension between them intensifies, forcing both players to make a crucial choice—love or the roster?   

“Cleat Cute” by Meryl Wilsner offers the perfect blend of humor and steam, serving up a tale about courage both on and off the soccer field.  

Get ready for a heartwarming and passion-filled story that’s bound to make you believe in love and victory. Don’t miss out on this exhilarating romance! 

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Book NameCleat Cute
Author  Meryl Wilsner
PublicationSeptember 19, 2023
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