Check and Mate by Ali Hazelwood PDF

Check and mate by ali hazelwood pdf: In this clever and heartwarming debut in the young adult genre, authored by the New York Times bestselling writer of “The Love Hypothesis,” the intricate pieces of life bring together two rival chess players in a match for the heart.   

Mallory Greenleaf has sworn off chess. Every move now carries weight, as sport was the catalyst for her family’s downfall four years ago. Mallory’s sole focus is on her mother, her sisters, and her uninspiring job that keeps the lights on.  

Check and mate by ali hazelwood pdf

However, her resolve is tested when she reluctantly agrees to participate in one last charity tournament, where she unexpectedly outplays the infamous “Kingkiller,” Nolan Sawyer—the current world champion and the reigning Bad Boy of chess.  

Nolan’s loss to an unknown player puzzle everyone, and what’s even more perplexing is his eagerness to face Mallory in another match. What kind of game is Nolan playing?  

The logical move would be to walk away, resign, and call it a day. But Mallory’s victory opens the door to much-needed cash prizes, and against all odds, she finds herself drawn to this enigmatic strategist. 

As Mallory climbs the ranks, she grapples with the challenge of keeping her family shielded from the game that shattered it in the first place.  

Her rediscovered love for the sport she once despised begins to burn anew.  

She soon realizes that the battles aren’t confined to the chessboard alone, the spotlight is brighter than she imagined, and the competition can be fiercely attractive, intelligent, and infuriating all at once. 

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Book NameCheck & Mate
Author Ali Hazelwood
Release dateNovember 7, 2023
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