Chasing the Alpha’s Son PDF

Chasing the alpha’s son pdf: Embark on a riveting journey through the snow-covered peaks in Penny Jessup’s highly anticipated second book of “The Alpha’s Son” series.  

Three months have elapsed since the beach kiss that left Max hanging in suspense, without a word from Jasper. With Christmas on the horizon, Max, once determined to pursue Jasper to the ends of the earth, contemplates giving up. 

Chasing the alpha’s son pdf

However, a glimmer of hope emerges when Alpha Jericho announces the dispatch of an elite envoy to an allied wolf-pack nestled high in the rocky mountains, set against the backdrop of a mystical Blood Moon.  

The allure of a week in a cozy ski lodge proves irresistible, prompting Max to take one last shot at rekindling things with Jasper.  

Yet, life in the mountains is anything but smooth, and Max discovers that finding private moments with Jasper is more challenging than anticipated.  

Political tensions between the packs intensify, fueled by Jasper’s resolve to keep them apart, while new and old suitors vie for Jasper’s affections.  

Chasing the alpha’s son download

As Max charges headlong into snowstorms, he begins to question whether the destiny he’s been fervently pursuing is truly what he desires. 

When the long-awaited Blood Moon finally graces the night sky, ushering in unforeseen changes, Max and Jasper’s connection faces the ultimate test.  

Will they discover a path between souls amidst the snow-draped peaks, or will the twists and turns of the mountain roads lead them to an unexpected destiny?  

Join Max and Jasper as they navigate the challenges of love, politics, and the mystical forces of the mountains in this gripping tale of romance and destiny. 

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Book NameChasing The Alpha’s Son
Author Penny Jessup
Release dateNovember 27, 2023
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