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Carnage shantel tessier pdf download: Carnage: A Dark Standalone Romance    

Dive into the shadowy world created by the brilliant mind of USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Shantel Tessier. “Carnage” is a gripping tale set in the enigmatic realm of the Lords, and it’s a story you can experience on its own. 

Carnage shantel tessier pdf download  


The men who comprise the secret society known as the Lords believe they hold the world in their grasp. In some disturbing ways, they do.

At a young age, they each made a Faustian bargain, surrendering their souls to the devil in exchange for power and wealth. Success among them varies, directly tied to the depths of their servitude—the more they yield, the more they gain.   

Among these dark figures, the Spade brothers reign supreme over Carnage, a place of incarceration for Lords who have failed to honor their sinister oath. Here, they while away their days in bondage, erased from society as if they never existed.   


Once, I was the property of a Lord—Saint Beckham Carter. Despite his title, there was nothing saintly about him, but I still bowed before him, as if he held the keys to a world ruled by malevolence.   

In my past, I willingly swore my allegiance to him, surrendering my autonomy, and permitted him to share me with his “brothers.”

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But circumstances changed, and what I believed couldn’t deteriorate any further took a turn for the worse. So, I made the only choice I could—escape. I knew I could never return.  

Now, he’s tracked me down and returned me to his personal abyss, where he intends to transform me into his plaything. To the rest of the world, I’m already a lost soul, a name erased from existence. Just another name on the list of the forgotten.   

What he’s oblivious to is why I fled in the first place. A Lord isn’t interested in reasons, so it wouldn’t matter even if he did. Saint was born a Lord, and it’s a role he’ll inhabit until his last breath.  

Life has taught me one thing: we all pay for our sins. And Saint won’t allow me to forget that I belong at Carnage, subservient on my knees until death finally sets me free. 

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Book NameCarnage
Author Shantel Tessier
Release dateOctober 31, 2023
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