Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants PDF

Bigby presents glory of the giants pdf: Dungeons & Dragons players and fans are in for an epic treat with the upcoming sourcebook, “Bigby Presents: Glory of Giants”. Scheduled for release on August 15, 2023, this 5th edition supplement promises to immerse players and Dungeon Masters in the fascinating realm of giants within the D&D multiverse.

Here wizard Bigby, creator of the famous Bidby’s Hand spell and demigod Diancastra will give all the insights about the glory of giants. The book is a compilation of ancient lore, history and society of these colossal beings.

Bigby presents glory of the giants pdf

Within its pages, adventures and Dungeon masters will find a treasure trove of giant themed character options, magic items and a bestiary teeming with fearsome giants and other enormous creatures. 

The book serves as a comprehensive guide introducing players to the fascinating aspects of giants and its races. In this book there is a social hierarchy among the giants. The diverse giant races, including cloud giants, fire giants, frost giants, hill giants, stone giants and storm giants adhere to this social hierarchy known as Ordning.

This caste system will determine the giant’s social standing and relationships with others. This book offers players a wealth of new character options that revolve around giants.

One of the highlights is the Path of the Giant subclass for barbarians, which enables their raging states. Additionally, the players will find two new backgrounds that delve into giants and their runic magic, as well as eight new feats that allow characters to harness the strength and elemental magic associated with giants.

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The book provides detailed maps of giant-built sites, enabling DMs to create immersive environments. It also introduces a vast array of new monsters, including various giant types and other enormous creatures. The bestiary alone comprises over 70 new monsters.

The book also explores the giants’ religious beliefs, including their pantheon of deities, which are centered around the children of Annam. The sourcebook boasts an impressive collection of over 30 magic items, including three illustrated artifacts.

With its extensive exploration of giant lore, new character options, magic items and a bestiary filled with colossal creatures the sourcebook promises to ignite players’ imaginations and breathe fire into the campaigns.

Whether you seek to uncover the ancient history of giants, create characters connected to these primordial beings or embark on epic quests centered around their mysteries, Glory of Giants will be an invaluable addition to your D&D library. 

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Book NameBigby Presents: Glory of Giants
Pages 192
Author  RPG Team Wizards
PublicationAugust 15, 2023

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