Advance Maths Notes by Sandeep Bohay PDF

Advance maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf: In today’s post, we are sharing “Maths Handwritten By Sandeep Bohay” with you all. I have full hope that by studying the notes of “Maths Handwritten By Sandeep Bohay” provided by us, you will be able to achieve better results in your competitive exams.  

Friends, if you are diligently working while using the right Study Material and Proper Exam Pattern Notes, success may take some time, but it will definitely come to you one day.  

Advance maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf

You are in the Mathematics Handwritten Notes PDF section. Here, you can find numerous aptitude questions with answers and explanations.  

These quantitative aptitude questions cover various categories and are extremely helpful for competitive exams. The questions in this section cover aptitude questions that are asked in various placement exams and competitive exams.  

These will be beneficial for students preparing for any type of competitive examination. All the answers are explained in detail with comprehensive descriptions. We are sharing Advance Mathematics Handwritten Notes PDF.  

I hope you are preparing well for your upcoming exams. As you know, we provide you with the best SSC study material for free.  

Maths notes by sandeep bohay download

We are sharing the Best Handwritten maths Notes PDF by Abhinay Sharma, Mathematics Handwritten Notes PDF.  

The quantitative aptitude questions provided here are extremely useful for all types of competitive exams such as the Common Aptitude Test (CAT), MAT, GMAT, IBPS Exam, CSAT, CLAT, Bank Competitive Exams, ICET, UPSC Competitive Exams, CLAT, SSC Competitive Exams, SNAP Test, KPSC, XAT and more, including government exams.  

It is an online educational platform where you can download free PDFs for UPSC, SSC CGL, BANK, RAILWAYS, RRB NTPC, LIC AAO, HSSC, Delhi Police, and many other state-level competitive exams. Our study material is very important for exam preparation.  

You can easily download this PDF by clicking the download button below. You can save this PDF on your phone or computer by clicking the “Click here” button. Reading this PDF will boost your preparation, so don’t delay and download the PDF immediately. 

Contents of sandeep bohay maths notes pdf 


  • Lines, Angles, Polygons 
  • Triangles & Quadrilaterals 
  • Circles 


  • Trigonometric Ratios 
  • Identities 
  • Important Tricks 
  • Maximum & Minimum Values 
  • Height & Distance 


  • Linear Equations 
  • Coordinate Geometry 
  • X-Coordinate – Abscissa 
  • Y-Coordinate – Ordinate 
  • Polynomials 
  • Types of Polynomials 
  • Zeros (Roots) of a Polynomials 
  • HCF & LCM of Polynomials 
  • Advanced Algebra 


  • 2D Mensuration 
  • Triangles 
  • Quadrilaterals 
  • Circles 

3D Mensuration 

  • Cuboid 
  • Cube 
  • Cylinder 
  • Cone 
  • Sphere-Hemisphere 
  • Right Prism 
  • Right Pyramid 

About maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf 

Book Namemaths notes by sandeep bohay
Author Namesandeep bohay
Pages 123
LanguageEnglish & Hindi
Publicationsandeep bohay

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