A Demon’s Guide to Wooing A Witch PDF

A demon’s guide to wooing a witch pdf: In the mystical town of Glimmer Falls, Calladia Cunnington’s life takes a spellbinding turn when she saves a mysterious man from a demon attack. Little does she know, the amnesiac stranger is none other than Astaroth, the ruthless demon who orchestrated a soul bargain involving her best friend.  

Despite her rough exterior and a penchant for bar brawls fueled by a hot temper, Calladia can’t ignore the helpless state of the demon now standing before her. 

A demon’s guide to wooing a witch pdf

Astaroth, suffering from amnesia after a banishment to the mortal plane, is clueless about his demonic origins and the reasons behind a relentless pursuit by another demon named Moloch.  

Reluctantly deciding to assist him, Calladia and Astaroth embark on an uneasy road trip in search of a witch rumored to possess the ability to restore the demon’s lost memories.  

Calladia’s initial vow to kick Astaroth’s ass once he’s cured starts to waver as she discovers the charming and snarky side of the amnesiac demon.  

As the duo navigates through magical landscapes and encounters mystical beings, Calladia grapples with conflicting emotions.  

Will she stand by her initial determination to see Astaroth defeated, or will the journey unveil a newfound connection that challenges her perception of good and evil?  

Join Calladia and Astaroth on a rollercoaster of magic, mayhem, and unexpected alliances in this witchy road trip filled with humor, danger, and the unraveling mystery of a demon’s lost memories. 

About a demon’s guide to wooing a witch epub 

Book NameA Demon’s Guide to Wooing a Witch
Author Sarah Hawley
Release dateNovember 28, 2023
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